Installation of Gypsum Ceiling Nairobi

Installation of Gypsum Ceiling Nairobi

We guarantee a quality product range for all our goods and services
3500 per meter square material and installation

We are doing all gypsum installation services;
Tv units

Looking for a stylish yet elegant gypsum ceiling system anywhere in Kenya? call us at valiant, we do gypsum installation, fabrication and lighting.

For beautiful and affordable gypsum decor pliz contact us and u won’t regret your money

3500 per meter square

Gypsum ceiling and tv unit available@3500 per metre square including installation
upon entering a room the first thing that one notices is the ceiling, regardless of the room size or the room shape this horizontal plane has an immense role in shaping the interior perspectives and it can rapidly make or break your interior design. in simple and complex designs alike gypsum has been used for years being able to shape absolutely any shape relatively inexpensive compared to other custom ceiling options.

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