Office Partitioning Services in Nairobi Kenya

Office Partitioning Services in Nairobi Kenya

We are the leading  professional office partitioning company in Nairobi, Kenya.We will help you create a good work environment by utilizing your office space efficiently and at budget.

We have a team of dedicated personnel that work to always give your office a different ,elegant & modern look.

Create a well-designed office cabinet and cubicles, which will make the boring office room into an attractive room. amazing designs glass partitions can give your office more privacy as well as make the look more attractive.

Office Partitions Ltd is an interior design and fitouts company based in Nairobi, Kenya. We specialize in commercial office partitioning solutions in Kenya, with more than 18 years experience.

If you are looking for the best office partitioning company in Kenya to work on your office fitouts, contact us today. We are the right partner to deliver.

partitioning services. Corporate office, industrial, modern, scandinavian design style, etc. We are all-round interior designers and builders, for all interior spaces. our clients’satisfaction is our first priority, all is welcome.


. With our experienced team, we leverage our expertise to come up with the most appropriate office interior solution to our clients. Our partitioning options include but not limited to:

Aluminium and Glass Partition
Frameless Glass Partition
Aluminium, Glass and MDF Partition
Aluminium and MDF Partition
Drywall/Gypsum Partition
Soundproof Office Partition
Portable Partition
LED Bubble partitioning


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