Commercial Interior Design

Commercial Interior Design

Project Overview: Roy Interiors undertook a significant commercial interior design project for a prominent corporate office in Nairobi. The client aimed to create a modern, functional workspace that would reflect their brand identity and foster a collaborative work environment.


  • Space Planning: We began with a thorough analysis of the existing space, followed by the development of a detailed layout that maximized the use of available area. Open-plan workstations were integrated with private meeting rooms and breakout areas.
  • Design Elements: We selected contemporary furniture, ergonomic seating, and modular workstations to ensure comfort and flexibility. The color palette was chosen to reflect the company’s branding, creating a cohesive look throughout the office.
  • Lighting and Acoustics: Strategic lighting was installed to enhance productivity and reduce eye strain. Acoustic panels were used to minimize noise, creating a serene and focused work environment.
  • Brand Integration: Custom wall graphics and branded elements were incorporated to reinforce the company’s identity, making the office a true reflection of the brand.

Outcome: The project was completed on time and within budget, significantly enhancing employee satisfaction and productivity. The client praised the seamless integration of functional and aesthetic elements.

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